About Beet Boost

beets, tart cherries, beetboostBeet Boost harnesses powerful nutrients from a unique combination of a beetroot and tart cherry: 4 beets and 40 tart cherries per serving.

BeetBoost is a 100 percent clean, functional food. There are no synthetic ingredients or additives, and it comes in a super concentrated powder made using a patented process.

For peak athletic performance, post-workout recovery, and pain relief, BeetBoost is a proven, unmatched combination that separates itself from other commercial beetroot juice products.

Two Superfoods in One Serving

Beet Boost’s beet and tart cherry blend serve as a double-edged sword for powering sports performance and recovery.

The inorganic nitrate from beetroot juice converts to nitric oxide, a molecule that improves cardiovascular health and, potentially, exercise performance. The anthocyanins from tart cherry provide both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties—which are not usually found together in food—that are protective against signs and symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage. A bit about the science:

Nitric oxide, a gas crucial to proper physiological functioning. Acts as a vasodilator, which relaxes and increases blood flow to muscles. This enhances the efficiency of oxygen uptake in muscles during strenuous exercise.
Oxygen, vital for muscle power energy. Athletes are under constant energy demand, especially during submaximal exercise (~85% of max heart rate). Increased oxygen availability can enhance muscle efficiency.
Mental clarity, more accurate decision-making. Increased blood flow to the brain helps shuttle in oxygen and nutrients for clearer thinking and faster response times during intense competitions.
Reduce pain. Intense exercise can lead to muscle pain hours and days after exercise. Tart cherry can help fight pain so that pain does not keep an athlete out on the sideline.
Faster recovery. Tart cherry juice is a feasible and more healthful alternative to pain medications because it has demonstrated to reduce the acute loss of muscle function by aiding recovery following strenuous exercise.

Beet Boost Advantages

Beet Boost is a tasty chef-made artisan blend of quality beets that are grown in high nitrate-rich soil for more naturally-occurring nitrates per serving.

  • Processed using a patented dehydration process at low temperature to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients.
  • All fiber is removed leaving behind pure juice that absorbs and goes to work quickly.
  • Not a stimulant like sugar or caffeine. Never feel jittery or experience other side effects. Finish a long workday or an intense workout feeling fresher – less tired.
  • Energy drinks give a zip followed by a crash. With BeetBoost, there’s no bonk — ever.
  • Experience improved endurance, delayed muscle fatigue and higher mental clarity.
  • Portable, mixes easily with a spoon in water, juice, or other liquids.
  • Can be blended in smoothies, yogurt, muffins, pancakes, and a variety of dishes.
  • Not a dietary supplement making it a functional food.

How Beet Boost Works

nitrate process, beetboost, beets, performance enhancement, health, wellnessBeets contain naturally occurring nitrates. When you consume beets some of the nitrates mix with enzymes in your saliva, which converts nitrates to nitrites. The nitrites are then naturally converted to nitric oxide (“NO”).

Your body already produces NO in the endothelium layer that lines your arteries. This thin layer of cells responds to the needs of the tissues by regulating blood pressure at the local level. When the endothelium cells detect that the sheer force of blood moving through your body is too high they make nitric oxide and diffuse it into the smooth muscle layer and causes it to relax. This is called “vasodilation” where the arteries literally dilate and increase their diameter size.

Where there’s not enough NO being produced blood flow is reduced and muscles get stiff. Adding BeetBoost to your diet boosts healthy blood flow—100% naturally—without any added flavors or sweeteners.


About the Creator of Beet Boost

Rick Perry is the founder of NutriGardens, a Portland, Oregon based company he created to help others end the causes of various physical issues.

He is a Le Cordon Bleu trained chef of 30 years, recipe developer, and best-selling author of “The Good Home Cookbook: More Than 1000 Classic American Recipes,” named “One of the Year’s Best Cookbooks” by Food & Wine Magazine.

Rick went vegan–overnight–after challenging himself to make plant-based meals that were equally satisfying as those from the animal kingdom from which he was trained.

His company is vegan too. The first product on the market is BeetBoost—a concentrated beet and tart cherry blend that’s making headway in the sports, vegan and vegetarian, and natural health communities.

Rick lives in his native Portland, Oregon with his wife and kids.


Inspiration & Evolution of BeetBoost

BeetBoost was born from juicing fruits and vegetables as a means to recover after a serious bicycle accident. Among all the juices, Rick noticed beets stood out. He wanted to share this with others but the juice was too unstable, it required pasteurization and refrigeration and lost its nutrients quickly. With the help of a food scientist friend and Oregon State University, he learned about various methods of dehydrating fresh juices. That led him down a nearly three-year path testing and formulating.

In 2014, a friend introduced Rick to the dietitian of a professional sports team who was in search of a high-quality beet performance product. He had no idea athletes had interest in beet juice at the time. Rick added tart cherry extract for anti-inflammation, which he was already testing at standardized levels of anthocyanins and sent her samples.

The dietitian loved it and Rick and his family began packaging nearly 500 servings a month in his kitchen for the one team alone. She posted the team’s success on social media and that brought other interest. News began to spread, sales began to grow, and Rick decided it was time to go into full FDA-approved retail production.

Today the company serves BeetBoost to several professional sports teams, colleges, and individual elite athletes. Most recently, a member of the US Olympic Swim Team used BeetBoost before and during the Rio Olympics. The company now sponsors several Olympic athletes.

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NutriGardens, LLC
Rick Perry, Founder
15685 SW 116th Ave., #250
Portland, OR 97224

A Few of Our Testimonials

“BeetBoost has changed the way I approach morning practices. Since I’ve started drinking BeetBoost I have been able to train a lot harder and faster during those early morning sets, and still recover in time for afternoon practice. I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t believe it, this stuff is awesome!”

Connor Jaeger, 2016 Silver Medalist, US Olympic Swim Team

“I use BeetBoost everyday pre-workout, pre-hockey practice and before games and I feel it makes a huge difference in my performance.”

Drew Miller, Left Wing, Detroit Red Wings

“BeetBoost has become a must have for me during off-season training and in-season competition. Not only is it healthy and all natural, it allows me to skate and train harder and longer. It also helps reduce fatigue allowing for even better recovery post-exercise.”

RJ Umberger, Center, Philadelphia Flyers

“As a triathlete and coach, I am always in search of the best products to help me and my athletes reach our maximum performance potential. BeetBoost has been a valuable addition to my training routine! I use it during long training rides to help maintain my energy level and I especially enjoy it post-workouts in my recover smoothies!  To help maximize performance, I definitely recommend athletes adding BeetBoost to their training routine!”

Felipe Loureiro, Pro Triathlete, and Certified USA Triathlon Coach

“BeetBoost is a crucial part of my routine! I rely on BeetBoost to help me excel in workouts and races and most recently to help me qualify for the 2016 Olympics! BeetBoost is easy to use and tastes better than any other product on the market. I believe in BeetBoost and I cannot imagine my athletic life without it!”

Keenan Robinson, Head Athletic Trainer, US Olympic Swimming Team 

“BeetBoost is a great example of an extremely functional food that allows you to compete at your best. The athletes I work with enjoy the convenience but more importantly, the improvement in their performance. The reduction of oxygen consumption and the delay of fatigue by 15% is significant to all my athletes.”

Alexi Pappas, 2016 Greek Olympian

“The addition of Beet Boost has been a wonderful addition to our training group. The athletes have taken advantage of its natural benefits to enhance their practice sessions and weight routines.”

Lisa McDowell, MS, RD, CSSD, Team Sports Dietitian, Detroit Red Wings

“BeetBoost has become a part of my workout and competition routine! I take it 45 minutes before any hard workout or race and it makes me feel strong and makes my workouts and races feel effortless! BeetBoost has changed my life and has enhanced my performance naturally!”

Geena Gall-Lara, 2012 Olympian, and 2014 World Relays Gold Medalist

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